Why should Indian companies adopt Cyber security?

Why should Indian companies adopt Cyber security?

Why should Indian companies adopt Cyber security?

Many Companies are taking cybersecurity as a top 5 priority but their actions do not measure up to the claim, a survey finds.

The hard truth is that top members of company do not understand the importance of cyber security and if they will then not able to take right decision on it. There is no way that cybersecurity risk can be fully eliminated but with right decision organizations can take to prevent many attacks or mitigate the consequences if any such attack occurs.

In today's digital world, new risks emerge every hour of every day. Interfacing with the Internet opens up the possibility of a hacker targeting your organization. Cyber attacks are increasing rapidly and cyber prevention is focus of organizations and governments globally. Monetary and reputational risks are high if organizations don’t have an appropriate cybersecurity plan.

According to a source, India has been ranked 2nd amongst the countries affected by cyber-attacks. There was a 22% rise in cyber-attack in India. In an recent study, it was uncovered that out of 15 Indian urban areas, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru have confronted the most extreme number of cyber-attacks. In the Annual Cyber Security Report by CISCO, 53% of cyber-attacks caused more than $500K of monetary misfortune to organizations.

With the increasing cyber attacks, people are still not aware of lucrative cyber-security solutions to prevent their organization from any other attack.

It is no surprise then that the potential dangers included may deter a few organizations from adopting emerging technologies, the explanation being that the dangers exceed the potential advantages. As indicated by the overview, that occurs in 23% of the cases.

There are many reasons by which cybersecurity issues can affect (or even destroy) an organization and its reputation. There is risk that hacker can gain sensitive information such as user's credentials, credit-card details or database access. There are open markets for such information on the “dark web”. If attacker finds sensitive information of the organization attacker can ruined your reputation among your clients. Similarly, if clients found that organization not able to protect our data it becomes the issue of trustworthiness and lead to breakdown your reputation.

It become troubleness when attacker perform DDoS attack and down the application of organisation. Due to this organisation may face a difficulty to find cause and take proper decision on this that "What to do next?". It happens because of not taking proper DDoS prevention measures! Sometimes, people of organisations are not aware of that hackers can steal and misuse their data and when they aware, it become too late.

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