Why is Cyber Security Important?

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Why is Cyber Security Important?

What is cyber security?

Over the last decades, cyber intrusions have increased rapidly. Many enterprises have lost their reputation in the market by becoming victims of hackers. There are so many aspects of our work that depend on the Internet and computers. Personal and professional information are both stored in the system or someone else's system. How can we protect this data from external threats? cyber security is the only solution that protects the data and systems of users from unauthorized access.

The major three principles of cyber security are Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Confidentiality: Data that is confidential and important must remain so and only share with the appropriate and genuine users.

Integrity: Data must remain in its own structure; it cannot be altered from its original state.

Availability: Data must be round the clock available for the users who need it.

Let's understand the role of significant cyber security principles in the real world. Suppose you have stored medical records in the system, which is only shareable with the appropriate users like a hospital, insurance, doctor, and government agency (Confidentiality). The data must remain in the original state and cannot be altered without permission (integrity). And data should be round the clock available to appropriate and authorized access and (Availability).

CIA - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

All in all, cyber security plays a crucial role in protecting such data from sophisticated cyber threats and enables users to work on their systems with peace of mind.

Importance of cyber security

Nowadays we cannot do our work without taking the help of the Internet and computer. Both have become the core aspects of our working life. Hackers are constantly keeping their eyes on the new sites and systems to hack data. In order to keep our data and system from the external threats, we need to enroll in cyber security in our working life because it is the only technique or practice which prevents our data and system from the external threats.

If we don't use proper cyber security control software in our system, we can become their next targets as well. Hundreds of millions of records have become the targets of hackers. In addition, it has been found that thousands of web pages are infected every day.

Let's understand the importance of cyber security with this example. cyber security can be any software that shields your computer and system in the same way the iron fencing shields your home. The features of the software monitor every activity and safeguard your system from unauthorized access like watchmen kick out strangers from your home.


If you are taking cyber security seriously, you will face many risks; some are more serious than others. Below we have mentioned some common examples that will state how your computer and data could be affected by the cyber threats.

Denial of service:

Denial of service is a cyber-attack when users are unable to access the information, system, and data due to malicious cyber-attack. This attack shut your machine or server so that you cannot access them. The sole purpose of this attack to make an online service unavailable in order to overwhelm the victims' resources. You can only safeguard your system from this malicious attack by installing internet security software in your system. There are so many IT companies that have developed a wide range of internet security software so that users can only interact with the authorized websites and files and prevent them from DOS types of malicious attacks.

Malware, Worms, Trojans and Horses:

These types of external threats spread by the phishing emails, malicious websites and pdf and corrupt images. Some files automatically download in your system without your knowledge. This process is known as "Drive-by-download". These files come with external threats like malware, virus, worms and trojans, which can steal your data or even damage your system. Installing antivirus in the system is the only solution that prevents your system from these types of threats. The antivirus keeps its eyes on every activity that performs in your system and in the event if it finds something unusual, it will alert you to dismiss that file or activity.

Botnets and Zombies:

A botnet is short for robot, it's a software application that runs on your system automatically to steal the data and is extremely hard to detect. Zombies spread via emails allowing hackers to control the user's system and do the needful tasks. These types of external threats are designed by using sophisticated coding and are difficult to break it. You need to install an advanced level of security system in order to protect your data and computer from the botnets and zombies.

Scareware- Fake security software warnings:

It is one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to hack the system and data of the users. While working on the system, users see the pop-up notification like "Your system is not safe" and are told to download this software. They simply click on the notification, and then the hacker gets the access to control your system and do the needful hacking tasks.

Social network attacks:

In social media platforms, we share our personal details like name, phone number, email address and images. This practice leads to identity theft. Some cybercriminals use your identity to perform any malicious activity and make you a victim of that cause. That's why it is important to maintain privacy and only share your information and interact with the people who you know the most.

Cyber security techniques

When you are aware of the risks, it is very easy for you to safeguard your data from external threats. Below we have mentioned the top cyber security techniques that round the clock protect your systems from the cyber threats.

Authentic and strong password: when you create an account on social media platforms or on your system, it is advisable to create authentic and strong passwords that are unable to be hacked. Never create your password that is related to your mobile number, mother's name, and date of birth; they are easily cracked. You need to make strong and easy to remember passwords and never share them with anyone.

Important cyber security techniques -

Penetration Testing: Penetration testing is an act of testing a PC framework, system or application to discover security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Penetration testing can be robotized with programming applications or performed manually. By Penetration testing you can secure your enterprise important data from outsiders like hackers who can have unauthorized access to the system. A penetration test tells whether the current defensive measures utilized on the system or application are sufficiently able to forestall any security breaches. Penetration test reports also recommend the countermeasures that can be taken to lessen the risk of the system or application being hacked.

Antivirus: Another important cyber security technique that protects your system from the breathers and Malicious activities is an antivirus. It is made with advanced technology and sophisticated coding that safeguards your data and computer round the clock even if you are not working on your system. There are several types of antivirus available in the market that perfectly suits your system requirements. Never use your system without using antivirus because it not only safeguards your system from external threats but also increases the performance of the operating system. And most importantly allows you to work on the system and access the files with a peace of mind.

VPN network: Another significant cyber security technology that secures your data to use is virtual private network. It creates a virtual tunnel between you and the recipient and allows your Internet to be routed via this tunnel. And that's how it saves your data from the prying eyes. A VPN network makes it harder for the hackers to encrypt in the layer of transmission. All the renowned and reputed companies are using this network because of this technology their data gets encrypted against potential intruders.

Cloud security: Cloud security is the practice to secure your cloud data against the external and insider cyber security threats. It prevents your cloud data from unauthorized access and keeps secure round the clock. Software as a service, platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service are the cloud security platforms that secure your cloud data, user access, operating system, and virtual network traffic. By using all these cloud security systems, you can effectively store confidential data in the cloud.

How to fight cyber attacks?

Almost 80% of every cyberattack crime came first from pop-up notification and phishing emails. These emails are used to steal the financial and personal information of the users that are available in the system. It is advisable not to open attachments and click on the pop-up notifications if the source is unknown. If a system is not properly secure, it is very easy for hackers to spread viruses and steal data. Such types of issues highlight that using advanced security controls is the best approach you can take in protecting data from being used inappropriately.

Everyone should be well-versed in using an antivirus system on their computers. Always install advanced technology-based antivirus software, which makes it difficult for hackers to access your system.

Highly sensitive information in the system must be locked. And always keep the operating system, web browsers, and security software up to date. If a computer doesn't have appropriate security controls, it can be easily infected with malicious files, and thus, any type of information can be hacked in moments.

Secure from Cyber attacks

Use of cyber security in the Modern Internet age

It is needless to say the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Right from sending emails to banking, studying and traveling we take the help of the Internet. With the growing use of the Internet, it is essential to bring appropriate security controls that can prevent our data and system from the infected web pages and files.

Cyber threats can be caused due to negligence or unintentional accidents. But most of the time, they are planned by the hackers to steal the confidential information of the user. They have a variety of techniques that can infect your system. Usually, they infect the system by spreading trojans, viruses, and malware. As the number of cyber crimes is increasing day by day, it is essential to take the necessary steps against it. By using anti-cyber threatening tools, you can minimize the impacts of hackers and protect your data and system effortlessly.

In today's dynamic world, it is crucial to install cyber security tools that keep your confidential data and resources from cybercriminals. If you want to use the Internet in a better way, you need to learn how to protect your system from online threats. You can install internet antivirus software which limits access and protects your system from data theft.

Challenges of cyber security

For businesses and families, cyber threats become an alarming issue. It not only impacts the financial cost but also ruins the market reputation of the companies. Below we have mentioned the significant challenges of cyber security that have become a headache for the companies right now.

Some Common Challenges of Cyber security stated below -

Ransomware: According to recent data, ransomware, which is a form of malware, are creating problems for businesses. It prevents companies from using their own data until they click on the payment. Once the hacker receives the amount, it gives access to the company to read the data. IT companies are working hard on this issue and come up with software like anti-ransomware, which protects your data and the system from the external threats.

Hacktivism: Have you ever wondered if cybercriminals are profit-oriented? If yes, then you are wrong. Over the past few years, it has been observed that hackers are stealing the users' data and systems for social and political reasons, and that's called hacktivism.

Drone jacking: There are many companies, and consumers are using drones in several new ways. As a result, cybercriminals tend to take the advantage of it. According to the report, it is very easy for hackers to hack the local network of the companies by using a drone.

Insider threats: companies are not only exposed to external risks but also insider threats. More than half of the data is stolen by their employees. It is one of the biggest cyber security challenges because it is hard to note the intentions of the employees. You only give access to your trustworthy employees in order to minimize the insider threats.


We hope this comprehensive guide on the importance of cyber security helps you a lot. Use the system and Internet under the preventive measures so that cyber threats will not harm your data and your reputation. If you are tensed about your enterprise cyber security or looking for cyber security services? We would be happy to assist you. We have an experienced team at Safehack who is excellent at securing the applications or products of enterprises. If you have any queries, then we are there for your assistance. Drop us an email at kanishk@safehack.in. Read more blogs.

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