A single bug can destroy your years of reputation or your business

Developers make a website, we secure a website. Almost every website has bugs of which an attacker can take benefit. Let's hack your website before a hacker does. Get security now!

Website Not Secure
Website is working fine doesn't mean that your website is secure

There are numbers of loopholes by which your website can be hacked and data can be stolen like SQL Injection, Unauthorised Access, etc.

Making great application, by the skilled coders is not enough to secure your website. They write code to develop a website not to secure a website. And this could cost you everything.

Security audit is must to secure your website and data

To keep your website and data secure you must need a security audit. Its keeps basic information and data out of hackers hands and stop attacks and breach on website.

Safehack discovers and repairs all vulnerabilities on your site through detailed code analysis, business logic testing, and all-round security assessments.

Enhanced Customer's Trust
Better Ranking on Google
Comprehensive Security Audit
How it Works
  • 1 Send your Details Send your details to us, We will contact you and get the details about your website.
  • 2 Map out Scope We map out the scope of testing and understand the basic structure of the website.
  • 3 Start Assessment Start analyzing your website. We Analyze each and every possible thing of website.
  • 4 Reports & Analytics Once analyze is complete, We send you all details through our Safehack Dashboard.
  • 5 Reconfirmation Once bug is fixed, We rescan the website to make sure all bugs are fixed.
A team of experts to secure your website and data

To grow your business, create an impact in the market you need Safehack, we make sure that you are free from attacks, malware, and bad bots.

Security Experts Team
Payment Manipulation Testing

We discover each and every bug from Add to cart to Complete Payment. We find every bug which leads to price manupilation. We make sure that hacker can't buy any product without actual pay.

Business Logic Testing

Sometime hacker take an advantage of weak business logics. Business logic vulnerabilities create a negative impact on business and may lead to financial loss. We test every business logic vulnerability to ensure your are completely secure.

Owasp Top 10 Scanning

Owasp top 10 represents the most critical security risks to web applications. By these risks hackers can detroy your whole business in a minute if they find any critial bug. We test the Owasp top 10 critical security vulnerabilities to secure your website from attackers.

Static & dynamic code analysis

A Static & dynamic code analysis finds security weaknesses in your website before a website developer discovering them or them being found by a hacker and leaving you open to potential attack.

Test for known CVEs

CVEs extends for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. We test for publicly known security vulnerabilities. There are many known CVEs of them hacker take an advantage to steal confidential information of your customers and business.

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Effective Communication
Safehack is more than just a security team

Our team of security experts is always here to answer your questions, help you to secure you more.

We always help you to implement the changes and to take steps that secure your enterprise. You are not alone at all.

Ready to test your application?

Let's talk with experts for quotation according to your requirement!

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Easy and hassle free security

Frequently Asked Question

Who performs the Security Audit?

Security Audit is perform by experienced testers who are best in industry and have the following certifications - CISSP, CSSLP, OSCP, ECSA, LPT(Master) and CEH.

Does Security Audit only work for a certain technology?

No, security audit is done for whole company's Cyber infrastructure, ranging from PCs, websites, applications to servers.

Does there any upfront charges?

Yes, we take some amount before performs auditing and remaining will charge after the auditing. All payments are performed via InstaMojo.

How much time it will take?

The complete security audit takes 3-5 days (during business days). The Safehack dashboard will be delivered in maximum 2 days after the audit is completed.

Who fix the bugs or vulnerabilities?

Bugs are fixed by your developers team but for sure we assist your developers in fixing the each and every vulnerability reported. They contact us by Live chat on dashboard and also through mail, whatsapp, skype and call.

How can I contact with support team?

You can contact through email, live chat, call. We are 24*7 available to help youa and also you get amazing support by our highly-skilled team.

How many websites will audit with One plan?

One website will audit with each plan. Sometimes companies have 2 websites, On the first one they only show product and services (informative website), and On the second one, they run their main product. In this case, we merge both websites into one plan.