All your Enterprise Security at one place

Safehack dashboard reduces the effort of Enterprises to secure the applications that powers their business. Safehack Dashboard is a managed dashboard where you can see all the activities related to the security of your applications.

Data can be present using Graphs which is easy-to-grasp

Safehack dashboard presents data with the use of data visualization which is easy- to understand. Everywhere we put graphs which give you an ability to understand the thing in one eye.

By showing data without using graphs is hard to understand and sometime it will lead to heavy loss to your web or mobile applications and business.

Graphs and Charts
Notifications Alert
Alert on finding critical Bug

Safehack dashboard has a feature where this feature alerts you on finding a critical bug. In the dashboard, you notified with each and everything occurs realted to your application security.

Along with this we also sent you an email and call you (if you didn't answer our email) on finding critical bug if you are away from Safehack dashboard.

Login Anytime. Anywhere.

You can log in to the Safehack dashboard through Laptop, mobile, tablet without any issue. We make the Safehack dashboard very easy-to-use to make your security easy.

We apply strong security measures on our Safehack dashboard to make sure your data is only seen by you, not anyone other. Your team members also can't see any data until you share credentials with your team.

Complete Security Dashboard
Tailored Remediation Guidance
Tailored Remediation Guidance for every single bug

Safehack dashboard gives you tailored remediation guidance to fix each bug, by guidance your developers team will fix with ease.

Along with guidance, we help your developer's team with fixing the bugs.

Safehack score card of your Enterprise applications

By using the Artificial Intelligence Safehack dashboard shows the scorecard of your Enterprise applications. Scorecard indicates that how much your Enterprise applications are secured.

The higher the score, the much your Enterprise applications are secure from external threats and attacks.

Safehack Score Card