What is Penetration Testing and why it is Important ?

What is Penetration Testing and why it is Important ?

What is Penetration Testing and why it is Important ?

What is Penetration testing ?

A penetration testing is also known as the pen test and a penetration tester is also referred to as an ethical hacker. It is the act of testing a PC framework, system or application to discover security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Penetration testing can be robotized with programming applications or performed manually. Either way, the procedure includes gathering data about the target before the test, identifying possible entry points, endeavoring to break in - either virtually or for real - and revealing back the discoveries.

The purpose of this test is to secure important data from outsiders like hackers who can have unauthorized access to the system. Once the vulnerability is identified it is used to exploit the system to gain access to sensitive information. A penetration test tells whether the current defensive measures utilized on the system or application are sufficiently able to forestall any security breaches. Penetration test reports also recommend the countermeasures that can be taken to lessen the risk of the system or application being hacked.

There is always be an confusion in the industry regarding the differences between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Let's clear the confusion, A vulnerability assessment simply identifies and reports noted vulnerabilities whereas a penetration test(Pen Test) attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible. Penetration testing includes network penetration testing and application security testing as well as controls and processes around the networks and applications.

What is Penetration Testing and why it is Important ?

Automated Penetration testing ?

In this penetration testing is done by tools and automate certain tasks, improve testing efficiency and discover issues that might be difficult to find using manual analysis techniques alone. Some of the famous tools are: Nikto, Nmap, dirsearch, Aquatone, knockpy, and many more.

Manual Penetration testing ?

Manual penetration testing is done by human with using of professional penetration testing software and tools. A manual penetration test(Pen Test) provides complete coverage for standard vulnerability classes, as well as other design, business logic and compound flaw risks that can only be detected through manual testing.

Safehack performs both automated and manual penetesting to give you a Top-in-class Security. We test each and every functionality, application protocol interfaces (APIs), frontend/backend servers, Third party endpoints and many many more.

What Does Penetration Testing Mean to a Business?

A penetration test is a crucial component to application security. Through these tests a business can identify:

  • The response time of their information security team, i.e. how long it takes the team to realize that there is a breach and mitigate the impact
  • Finding Security vulnerabilities before a hacker does
  • The potential real-world effect of a data breach or cybersecurity attack
  • Actionable remediation guidance

Thoroughly testing the entirety of a business's application is imperative to taking the precautions needed to secure vital data from cybersecurity hackers, while simultaneously improving the response time of an IT department in the event of an attack.

Categories of Penetration Testing

Web application penetration can be tested into 2 types first one is internal testing and the second one is external testing.

Internal Penetration Testing

As like its name, let me tell you that internal penetration testing is done within the organization over Local Area Network, so it helps in testing those web applications which are hosted on the internet. It also helps in finding the vulnerabilities present within the corporate firewall with this you can easily get to know the vulnerability.

Everyone thinks that attacks can only be made externally and that’s why only the internal testing always keeps the lightest thing or not gives much importance. These types of attacks you can say can only be done by those who were in the organization and got fired or they’ve resigned from the job by using passwords and various methods. Testing is done without entering the proper credentials.

External Penetration Testing

These kinds of attacks are done by outside the organization and also includes testing of web applications hosted on the internet. In this you can say that testers behave like hackers who aren’t known to the internal system.

To perform these kinds of attacks, testers are given the IP address of that particular system and no other detail will be given to the tester. In it they are asked to scan and search public web pages and find out the information about specific targeted hosts and then solve the found host. External Testing includes testing of IDS, servers and firewalls to keep it safe.

It seems that everyday we see new headline regarding the latest cyber security attack. Hackers rapidly gaining unauthorised access to the applications of enterprises. The way to combating their efforts is to conduct thorough penetration tests throughout the year.

Penetration testing stages

  • Planning and reconnaissance
  • Actual Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Reporting and Analysis

Why Penetration Testing ?

Everday we all heard about new cyber attack and every cyber attack can cause huge loss to an organisaion. With such massive & dangerous cyber-attacks happening these days, it has become unavoidable to do penetration testing at regular intervals to protect the information systems against security breaches.

So, Penetration Testing is mainly required for:

  • Many customers are requesting pen testing as a feature of the product release cycle.
  • To discover security vulnerabilities in an application.
  • To find escape clauses in the framework.
  • To survey the business effect of successful attacks.
  • To meet the data security compliance in the organisation.
  • To actualize a viable security methodology in the organisation.
  • To secure user's data.

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