A hacked online store could cost a lot to your business and your customers

Do not share the sensitive information of customers like Credit & Debit card details. Secure your online store today!

Credit Card Fraud
Do not break the customer's trust by sharing their credit card info

Credit card fraud is the most common threat facing eCommerce sites. Hacker destroys your online brand, your reputation and you may have to bear the financial loss.

Many eCommerce websites hacked daily and they do not come out of it because of heavy loss. Don't be Next.

Get Protection from Malware and
Bad Bots

We secure you from malware and bad bots, While you working on building your brand reputation. We stop bad traffic on your website and ensure website and customer's credit card data is safe.

We provide you a proper incident response system to take care of your online brand from attacks and malware.

Prevent from Steling customers credit card info
Prevent from Malware and Bad Bots
Complete Website Security
Secure your CMS with Safehack
You need Safehack to take care of all your security issues.
A Complete security suite from Safehack

To grow your business, create an impact in the market you need Safehack, we make sure that you are free from attacks, malware, and bad bots.

You just focus on expanding your business and let safehack secure your online store. We not only secure, we updated you with what's going on through Safehack Dashboard.

Complete Security Dashboard
Chat Anytime
Effective Communication
Safehack is more than just a security team

Our team of security experts is always here to answer your questions, help you to secure you more.

We always help you to implement the changes and to take steps that secure your enterprise. You are not alone at all.

Protect your website with Safehack
24*7 Proactive Human Support
Instant Alerts on any issue
Managed Security Dashboard
Tailored Remediation Guidance
Easy and hassle free security