Threats, Solutions and Benefits of Cyber Security for your business

Threats, Solutions and Benefits of Cyber Security for your business

Threats, Solutions and Benefits of Cyber Security for your business

Overview of the importance of cyber security in the business

Many small business owners think that when there is not so much to steal so, they are free from cybercriminals' attack. They are completely wrong; small businesses and enterprises are the soft targets of cybercriminals. In the last few years, only small businesses have lost their reputation in the market due to external threats. Keep in mind, whether it's a small business or large security threats exists everywhere. Your system, data, and finance are at risk if you avoid using cyber security services.

Cybercriminals prefer small business over large

Though small, mid and large size companies are always on the target of the cybercriminals. But small businesses attacked more often than large businesses. Cybercriminals know very well small businesses don't use high levels of cyber security solutions due to tight budgets. It is effortless to access the system and data of the small business. They steal personal data and use it for credit card and identity theft. The lack of knowledge, budget, and employee training for proper security are top reasons for Small business cyber attacks.

Threats to your cyber business security

Learn what are the threat to your business if you do not use cyber security properly.

Threat to Application (Web or Mobile)

One thing all enterprise owners should recognize and monitor themselves against would be the presence of vulnerabilities and threats to applications or product. If you are using CMS, then the latest hacked report by SUCURI shows over half of sites contaminated with at one or more vulnerabilities.

DDoS Attacks

Numerous small businesses see DDoS as a thing of the web's past however they are as yet normal. Indeed, the recurrence of DDoS attacks multiplied in 2019 and keeps on developing in 2020. 20 percent of the victims were small businesses.


Adware is a form of a virus that comes in your system with advertisements and makes it very easy for cybercriminals to steal the data. Once you accidentally click on the ad, all the personal and financial data will be transferred to the cybercriminals.


Ransomware is a malicious virus that comes in your system in the form file via emails, and once you click on that file, this virus enables cybercriminal to hold your personal files hostage, documents, photos, and financial information. It is one of the most devastating viruses that can even ruin the reputation of the business in the market.


It is the internet virus that comes in your system by clicking on malicious websites, downloading photos, songs, and documents. Once this virus enters your system, it will relay all the information to the cybercriminal.

Above mentioned viruses don't only trouble your business but also throw it out of the track. In order to prevent your entire data and system from these sophisticated viruses, you need to consider the advanced cyber security services that are stated below -

Top Cyber Security Solutions for Businesses

Top Cyber Security Solutions for Businesses

Whether it is a small, mid, or large company, it is crucial to safeguard the data, finance, and system from external threats. In this blog, we are going to tell you the advanced level based cyber security solutions that protect your data from the cyber-attacks and enable you to work on the system, transfer files and accept data requests with peace of mind.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a crucial component to application security. Through these tests a business can identify:

  • The response time of their information security team, i.e. how long it takes the team to realize that there is a breach and mitigate the impact
  • Finding Security vulnerabilities before a hacker does
  • The potential real-world effect of a data breach or cyber security attack
  • Actionable remediation guidance

Thoroughly testing the entirety of a business's application is imperative to taking the precautions needed to secure vital data from cyber security hackers, while simultaneously improving the response time of an IT department in the event of an attack.

Use a firewall

A firewall is a network security system that filters organic internet traffic based on predefined instructions. The functionality of this network security system to eliminate unwanted traffic and only allow legit traffic to flow freely.

It acts as a secure layer between your data and cyber threats. By kicking out the malicious mischief, it safeguards the data of businesses from the cybercriminals round the clock. In addition to external firewalls, many companies install internal firewall systems to improve cyber security. It is essential to instruct your employees to install a firewall if they do work from home.

Malicious and malware software are the primary threats to your system. They enter your system via phishing emails, pop-up notifications, photos, files, and PDFs. While doing work, we access the internet, and we click on the files accidentally; some of them are loaded with the malicious data which give access to the cybercriminal to hack your system. But, if a firewall is installed in your system, it alerts you and stops the file from entering your system. So, consider firewall security solutions to prohibit unwanted traffic from the system.

Enforce safe password practices

Yes, changing passwords is the pain or headache for the employees. But, you have to instruct your employees to do so if you want to prevent your systems from the data breaches. You have to create a strong password that is unable to be cracked by the cybercriminals. Many network security solution providers recommend businesses to use UPPER CASE, LOWER CASE, SYMBOL AND NUMBER while creating the password. And then change the password after every one or two months. This practice doesn't only save your systems from external threats but also allows your employees to work on the system with peace of mind.

Implement the BYOD Policy

Bring Your Own Device has gained a huge acceptance in the world of cyber security. It refers to the trend of employees' personal devices to connect to their organization's network and access work-related data effortlessly. This network security solution doesn't only defeats the severe security challenges but also improves employees' productivity and morale values. There are plenty of advantages to BYOD, as it closely monitors and controls the risk of data and strengthen the security environment.


One of the most effective, efficient, and affordable cyber security solutions is an antivirus. This security solution acts like a watchman who stands out of your home and keeps an eye on every unusual activity. In the event if someone tries to enter your home he will kick him out. Antivirus also do the same. It protects the system from incoming malicious threats and monitors even if your system is off. Any unwanted program that tries to enter the system can easily be detected and destroyed by the antivirus. This security solution works like a prophylactic so that it eliminates not only a virus but also any potential virus that can even damage your system permanently. The functionality of the antivirus to detect the virus and remove it permanently. Keep in mind; this activity is done before the virus gets to harm the system.

Cybercriminals generally use malware and viruses to steal data from the victim's computer. Without the knowledge of the user, they installed the unauthorized programs in the system and hacked all the desirable files effortlessly. Antivirus comes with an anti-hacking lock that performs regular scans to detect the presence of any unauthorized file in the computer network.

Keep in mind a system without antivirus is a home without a door. Anybody can enter into your system and do anything without your concern. An unprotected system acts like a silly person who invites burglaries and intenders to steal his important assets. An antivirus acts as a closed or watchman for your computer and protects it from all types of external threats.

Keep hardware; software up to date and implement network security hardware.

Compared to software, hardware exploits are rare. But outdated hardware easily gets exploited. So, you should update the hardware and software of your system to prevent exploitation. Updating software and hardware is not prevented from external threats but also boosts the performance of the system. By installing advanced technology-based antivirus systems, you can keep your software and hardware from exploitation.

cyber security is one of the most vital components in information security because it is responsible for securing data from external threats. Due to technology weakness, configuration weakness, and security policy weakness, your system is easily damaged by cybercriminals. So, it is advisable to keep hardware and software up to date. You can also heighten security by installing a firewall and encryption in your system. In addition, you can also install a packet filter router that only allows legit traffic in your system and eliminates files that contain malicious codes.

Network security consists of three different controls; physical network security, technical network security, and administrative network security. The physical network security controls are designed to prevent unauthorized personnel that try to access your system through routers, locks, and biometric. The technical network controls prevent your system from the malicious files that come from the internet. Administrative security controls consist of security policies that monitor user behaviour.

Cloud Security

As the digital world is centered around hackers and cybercriminals, so data security on the cloud is very important. It assures you that your data is safe from external threats. For a business, cloud security should be on high priority because it protects your business from the threat of data loss. Whether you are a personal user or a business owner, if you use cloud storage to save your data, it is important to use cloud security solutions. By installing cloud antivirus and cloud backup storage, you can ensure that your data is protected from potential external threats. Automated cloud antivirus check will scan your data and identify the presence of the hackers. If an antivirus cloud finds anything unauthorized, it will be removed before it causes any damage. So, if you use cloud storage for storing business data then you should opt for the advanced cloud antivirus security solution. It prevents you from suffering from data loss and reputation in the market.

Benefits of cyber security

What are the benefits of cyber security for your business?

There are so many benefits of cyber security for your business. It not only protects your data from hackers but also allows you to store and access the data from the system with a peace of mind.

Below we have mentioned the top benefits of cyber security solutions for your business:

Protection for your business

One of the significant benefits of using cyber security in business is that it provides digital protection. Your employees can access the internet without any worry of spyware, adware types of online external threats. When you click on the site or download the file from the internet, the first cyber security solution checks the authenticity of the file and then allows you to access it. After installing the network security in the system, the peace of mind you will get can increase the productivity of the business as well.

Inspires customers' satisfaction

Clients love to work with the business whose network security is the first priority. It will ensure that their data is safe and secure from external threats. If you prove that your business's high priority is cyber security, you can build a high-level trust with clients. And clients will always give you projects because they know the advanced security solutions protect their data.

Stops your website from growing down

If your business hosts your site, a potential external threat could be devastating for you. If the virus infects your system, malware, trojans, and spyware mean your website can be forced to close, and you will lose your data and reputation in the market permanently.

It could be surprising for you that now consumers are savvier and more privacy-aware then ever. If you are running an e-commerce business, you need to integrate a high level of cyber security in your website like verified payment gateways, high configuration, and robot detection.

Save your startup from death

Only cyber security is the solution to eliminate the risk of losing data and reputation. In 2018 many startups lost their identity due to breaches. They didn't spend much on network security and became victims of hackers. If you don't want to become an innocent victim of the hackers, then it is advisable to integrate advanced levels of network security solutions into your business.

In Conclusion

We all know the importance of computers and the internet in the business. But, we also need to take mandatory precautions against the unauthorized activities that are also part of the internet. Opting for the cyber security services is the best thing you can do for your business. Here you will get an advanced level of security solutions that protects your systems and business from the external threats and gives peace of mind to send/ receive and store information. There is a diverse range of network security solutions out there in the market that suits your business security requirements.

If you are tensed about your enterprise cyber security or looking for cyber security services? We would be happy to assist you. We have an experienced team at Safehack who is excellent at securing the applications or products of enterprises. If you have any queries, then we are there for your assistance. Drop us an email at Read more blogs.

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