The First 5 Steps to take after a Cyber Attack

The First 5 Steps to take after a Cyber Attack

The First 5 Steps to take after a Cyber Attack

Cyber attack or data breach is face by anyone regardless of how big or small your enterprise is, if your data, confidential documents or customer information is exposed, this is a very bad situation and coming out from it could be difficult.

If you face any cyber attack and tensed that what to do after a cyber attack, check out and apply these steps to help minimize the damage and come out from situation.

1. Use Your Backup Data

Ransomware type of attacks, may scrambled your enterprise data and getting data could be difficult if enterprise didn't have their data as backup. If you have undamaged backup switch to them immediately, it will keep your product functioning normally. Also, you only lost one or two day of productivity. So, taking backup of your data is a best practice.

2. Connect with Team

Communicate with your team and let them know what exactly happened. It will help you to find the cause of attack and fix the issue. Also, notify your clients and create transperancy, it can be key to maintaining positive, professional relationships with your clients. You may need to consult with legal counsel since breaches can have a number of legal implications.

3. Stay alert and Monitor continously

Be alert and monitor your data continously, sometimes attackers attack one after one to damage or steal more. Be alert from phishing, attackers trying to trick you into providing personal information.

Cyber Attack

4. Determine what was lost

The first step you should do after a cyber attack is, face reality and determine exactly what information was stolen. This determines what your next step is. Start making connections and steps from stolen information. Sometimes it is pure laziness or companies don’t want to face reality, but if you are the subject of a cyber attack you need to determine exactly what information was stolen.

5. Change Login Credentials

To protect more, change your passwords and make sure they’re strong and complex. Also connect with your clients, your clients may need to change their passwords or PIN numbers if their private information was compromised. If possible enable 2FA.

Don't know what is 2FA? Learn here.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a second layer of security to protect an account or system. Users must go through two layers of security before being granted access to an account or system. Know More on Wikipedia

A cyber attack can be stressful, but as long as you take the right steps, your business will be better prepared to recover successfully. Moving forward, conduct frequent security checks to help reduce the probability of an incident happening again later on.

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