5 Cyber Security Tips to Reduce Risk

5 Cyber Security Tips to Reduce Risk

5 Cyber Security Tips to Reduce Risk

Here are the 5 cyber security tips that everyone should be following. By following these cyber security tips you can minimising your risk of exposure to cyber attack.

These tips will reduce your risk but suggest not to only rely on these steps to protect your business. Make sure you have a proper recovery plans in case a cyber attack does happen.

1. Never Click on the Dodgy Links!

Be aware from unsafe websites and links, do not click on link if its from unknown sender. Learn to safe browsing and ensure your employees practice safe browsing, too. Employees should be suspicious of potential cyber attack at all times. Always carful what you click and be aware from Phishing

Smaller organizations (1–250 employees) have the highest targeted malicious email rate.

Dodgy Links may comes via email, as pop-ups, or as unexpected attachments. Never download freely software onto your work computer it may contain malware, compromising the device. Also tell your employees, not to download freely software onto their work computer.

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2. Don't think, it would not happen to me

Never assume you won’t be a target of cyber attack. SMEs will often think that their data isn’t important enough to be hacked. SMEs are attractive victims to hackers, as they won't have proper level of security.

43% of breach victims were small businesses.

By thinking it’ll never happen to me, you drop your level of security. Assumes you may be a target, enhance your security and make proper plan to defence against cyber attacks. If your company has money or data, it has a bullseye of attackers.

3. Give Access Only As Required

Ensure that your staff only have access to the data required for their job. Wherever there is staff turnover, ensure their access is removed. On critical places be sure to enable two-factor authentication for access.

17% of all sensitive files were accessible to all employees.

Make sure that you restrict administrative privileges. Only allow staff the minimum amount of access they need, never the maximum. Hacker's always target user's account which have administrative privileges, as its easy to target.

4. Use Technology to Defend Against Cyber Attack

Did you know? 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

Taking Preventative measures are, obviously, the most ideal approach to prevent a cyber attack from happening altogether. Use techcnology, it can save your company a lot of time and money. Use measures properly so that an attack can get isolated.

Some precautions are -

  • Penetration testing - It is a process of finding vulnerabilitites and loopholes in web application, mobile application, network. Know More
  • Social Engineering - By spreading awareness and recreating social designing attacks to test team.
  • Firewalls - Firewall is a software or hardware that will prevent malicious attacks, intended to steal information.

5. Train and Educate Your Team

Weakest part of any business’s cyber security solution are humans and they target by one of the social engineering methods, phishing — work as a trustworthy entity. No matter how strong your cyber security is, if your team is not aware about cyber security, it can have terrible impact. By clicking on single link you may begin a cyber attack, which may lead to major loss.

Organise cyber awareness training and educate your team that how to prevent from breach, how to recognise fake email and much more.

Cyber security become a very impoartant part of organisations. With proper cyber security you not only secure existing product or application but also able to find and handle potential cyber attacks. If you want to secure your organisation completely, Drop us an Email at kanishk@safehack.in

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