5 Best practices to secure your product

5 Best practices to secure your product

5 Best practices to secure your product

When a web app or mobile app developed company assures they build Secure Web Application, but in practice it is not possible to develop a 100% secure website. Countless web app or mobile app are getting hacked by the hackers on a daily basis. They might do it for the sake of enjoyment or money.

The best way to secure your product is penetration testing beacuse it's give you a proper condition of your product that where product stands in cyber security, if it's done in a right way. Apart from penetration testing here are the 5 ways by using you secure your product more.

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1. Always escape special characters in user-provided input

With the proper Input Validation you may prevent from many attacks. it is way to ensure the user can enter only appropriate data. By validating an input, it is restricted to entering another kind of value. By validating an input, it is restricted to entering another kind of value. Like, if name field, a user can only enter characters and white space.

2. Use Captcha in every form to make sure your are prevent from DDoS

By using captcha there is less chance of DDoS attack. Captcha block robot software from submitting fake online requests. It can stop brute force attacks on online accounts in which hackers repeatedly try to log-in using hundreds of different passwords. It also stops hacker from signing up very frequently using multiple email accounts.

Don't know what is DDoS attack? Learn here.

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is flood of Internet traffic on a targeted server, means large amounts of data are sent to a target by using a form or online requests to creating massive traffic, such as requests from a botnet. The goal of these attacks is to exhaust the resources of the target. Know More on Wikipedia

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3. Use hashing with salt while saving user's data in database

Always use hashing while saving your user's data in database. It allows your data to be completely protected, secure, and unreadable to unwanted access. By hashing, even if your database is hacked your data is safe. A better way to store passwords is adding salt to hashing. By adding salt, it will create uniqueness, increase their complexity.

4. Always take backup of your data and keep everything Up to Date.

If any cyber attack takes place and your product data may vanished, it would be catastrophic to not have an updated version of your product data stored. So backup your data as regularly as possible.

It’s worth noting that a majority of host providers will provide backups from their servers in case an event like this happens.

5. Take Immediate action if any unlawful activity found

In the case if any cyber attack takes place, the first step is to take immediate action under the guidance of professional because it may high chance that hacker may harm your other part of your product. By taking immediate action you may prevent from other loss and get back your services normal ASAP.

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