3 Biggest Cyber Attacks in 2019

3 Biggest Cyber Attacks in 2019

3 Biggest Cyber Attacks in 2019

Data security is an important part for a company and if data is breached by hackers, its a very critical situation for a company. Here we are spoke about 3 biggest cyber attacks happens in 2019. Learn and understand how easily data is compromised by hackers or such a small mistake.

1. Millions of Facebook user records were exposed

In April, More than 540 million records of Facebook users were publicly exposed on Amazon's cloud computing service. Two third-party Facebook app developers posted the records in plain sight.

This breach is happen exactly one year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it was discovered in 2018. The Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed that Cambridge Analytica had harvested the personal data of millions of people's Facebook profiles without their consent and used it for political advertising purposes.

The breach which was happen in April, no hackers were involved. Facebook had unintentionally made open in excess of a million user emails.

This leaks shows that, how it can be basic error in data management to transform into a huge protection issue for many individuals.

3 Biggest Cyber Attacks in 2019

2. Attack on Canva, steals data of 139 million users

The data of more than 139 million users was exposed in May when a hacker broke into the servers of the graphic design site Canva.

Usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords are included in exposed data, encrypted passwords are salted and hashed with the bcrypt algorithm. Credit card information is not impacted by hackers, according to Canva.

Additionally, hacker also said that “I download everything up to May 17. They detected my breach and closed their database server.” Hacker also attempted to hawk the stolen data of nearly one billion online accounts, via a dark web marketplace.

3. Breach of patient records on Quest Diagnostics

Information of 11.9 million patients exposed to a hacker who had unauthorized network access. It was a one of the biggest health care data breach.

Quest Diagnostics is a medical testing company. Hacker gained access to financial data, Social Security numbers and medical data but not laboratory test results. The hacker gained access through the network of a third-party vendor in August of last year, and had maintained access until this March.

What we can learn from these attacks?

These attack shows that how easily data is compromised by hackers or such a small mistake. Every company have to must ensure that their data is secure and managed properly. When companies depend on third parties, they need to ensure their own massive systems are secure and also ensuring the organizations they work with are also executing good security practices.

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