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5 Minutes of Hackers can destroy your enterprise applications or either your business

Your web or mobile applications play a crucial role in your business growth as it is your brand, your storefront, and often your first contact with customers.

Your traffic, customers' trust all could be lost. Even in the worst situation, you may get blacklisted by Google.

Loss of Customer's Trust
Traffic could be lost
Website Down
Firewall Bypassed
A firewall isn't enough to secure your applications

Applications firewall adds an extra layer of protection but never rely on applications firewalls only.

Firewall and Malware scanners ensure that you're protected in real-time while security audit reveals any logical vulnerabilities within your web or mobile application.

A firewall is like standing up a security guard in front of building while security audit is like checking each point of building from where thieves can come in the building.

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Do not worry, We are here to take care of all your security problems.

Be free about your applications security. Safehack is here to protect your web or mobile applications from attacks, threats, and hackers.

Come to us and give your 30 mins, and then sit back and watch us fight the hackers!

You can also see, how we can fight with the hackers on Safehack Dashboard.

Adds To Brand Reputation
Enhanced Customer's Trust
Prevent from Google Blacklist
Easily Focus on Core Process
Ultra Security Made Easy
Next Level protection of your applications from attacks

With Safehack you ensure that your application security is up to date and safe from attacks and hackers. We also ensure that your third-party plug-ins are safe.

24/7 Proactive Protection is given by us to your applications and continuously check your applications and its components and proactively react to any danger or attack.

Safehack will create a positive impact on your business and keep away from harm to your enterprise applications and reputation.

Protection from 120+ types of attacks such as -
SQLi Injection
XSS Attack
Code Injection
Authentication Bypass
Malicious File Upload
Malicious Url Redirect
Malware Upload
Direct Access to Resources
Password Bruteforce
XML Injection
Chat Anytime
Effective Communication
Safehack is more than just a security team

Our team of security experts is always here to answer your questions, help you to secure you more.

We always help you to implement the changes and to take steps that secure your enterprise. You are not alone at all.

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